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General & Preventive Dentistry

General & Preventive Dentistry is the underlying foundation of oral health. When you keep a healthy mouth through the practice of attending regular hygiene checkups along with well-practiced home care, your mouth (and your wallet) will thank you in the long term!

  • Routine Dental Cleanings & Exams

  • Diagnostic Radiographs

  • Sealants

  • Fluoride Treatments

  • Oral Cancer Screenings

  • Custom Athletic Guards

  • Custom Night Guards

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry is all about bringing your teeth back to its healthiest possible state. Whether you've gotten a cavity, chipped a tooth, or are missing a tooth, our team is here to help you fix those problems so that you can leave here pain-free with a confident smile!

  • Composite (Tooth-Colored) Fillings

  • Fixed Crowns and Bridges

  • Dental Implants

  • Root Canal Treatment

  • Removable Full & Partial Dentures

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Emergency Dental Care

Cosmetic Dentistry
Periodontal & Gum Care

Cosmetic Dentistry is for those wanting that classic Hollywood smile! Teeth white, smiling bright - a patient's delight! Whether you're preparing for a big event (such as a wedding or prom) or you just want to maximize the aesthetics of your teeth, we'll make sure your smile is the best it could possibly be!

  • ZOOM In-Office Whitening

  • At-Home Whitening Trays

  • Invisalign

  • Veneers

  • ICON Lesion Removal

Your gums are just as important as your teeth! To have the absolute best smile, your teeth need a solid foundation. Periodontal care consists of maintaining healthy gums and bone levels which provide that foundation. We help in making sure that your entire mouth is in the best condition possible to sustain your smile for years to come!

  • Scaling & Root Planning (Deep Cleaning)

  • Bone Grafts

  • Gum Measurements

  • Bone Level Measurements

  • Antibacterial Mouthwashes

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